The advantages and disadvantages of high-power LED lighting

High-power LED lighting is one of the most important means to improve the flux , it has many advantages, but also disadvantages , how to make good use of high-power LED lighting is the key characteristic of high-power LED lighting compared with other light sources , LED lighting lighting is known as the “green light ” is well deserved , for high-power LED lighting research , the following conclusions :

The advantages and disadvantages of high-power LED lighting

  High-power LED lighting advantages:

1, the dynamic control of brightness and color are more likely to : be achieved continuously adjustable brightness , high color purity, enables dynamic color conversion and digital control ;

2 , long life : LED product life of up to 55,000 hours , 24 hours of continuous light can be used for six years ;

3 , low power consumption : luminous efficiency of 60lm / W LED lighting power consumption than the equivalent incandescent brightness will be reduced by about 80% ;

4 , environmental protection: no toxic metals mercury, no OFweek infrared semiconductor lighting network and ultraviolet radiation ;

5 Dimensions flexible: can be achieved with the construction of organic integration, to only light but not light ;

Sets have so many advantages in a high-power LED lighting fixtures , made us feel vigorously promote the use of it is a valuable work, but it also has some disadvantages of aspects, such as the color of the white light illumination will be low currently produces yellow and blue phosphor white LED, the color rendering index of about 80 , can also be used as general lighting , but for some places that require high color resolution becomes insufficient , although the red phosphor by adding appropriate methods , it can make up to 90 CRI or higher , but compared with incandescent 99 still has some gaps , and its efficiency will be affected, in terms of color , high-power LED lighting needed for certain upgrade , the last point , as the price is too high , in fact, come from a comprehensive cost considerations, the use of LED lighting on many occasions still save a lot of cost.