The German research team developed a new LED array

A simple estimate, the world has more than 300 million street lamps. Although silently standing, but they have been in progress, such as City Touch connection, reduce glare, and even can be like Free Street hanging in the air does not account for the place. However, the life and maintenance of street lights is also an important issue. In order to save money, do we have other ways to improve street light? The good news is that the research team at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany has developed a new type of LED array that is expected to save the maintenance and use of street lamps.

The German research team developed a new LED array

It is based on a low-power LED array with higher energy efficiency, safer, lower heat, and more comfortable eyes. But its biggest advantage lies in – even if a single light-emitting diode is burned, it will not lead to the entire circuit interrupt.

Often, LEDs are connected in series with light-emitting diodes, making it easy for a module to be discarded or repaired because of a small LED failure (bad one off a string).

To 120V voltage, for example, the number of light bulbs can be 40 or so. To overcome the drawbacks of the series, the KIT Optical Technology Institute has developed an “inter-connect” LED array.

As a result, even if a light-emitting diode failure, it will not affect the entire circuit on the other LED bulbs continue to light.

In the prototype, KIT researchers also raised the number of bulbs to 144, the voltage set at 20V, to make it more efficient.

Finally, this low-power LED array operating costs are very low, even if the bulk install, stupid and the current system is very different.