The new breakthrough LED will replace the inefficient bulb

Cree has announced the launch of a new breakthrough lighting grade LED, can be completely eliminated low energy efficiency bulbs. X Lamp MPL Easy White LED with high performance, color uniformity and lumen density and other excellent features, and the industry’s smallest package, can replace the traditional light source. The LED uses Cree’s unique Easy White innovative technology, while using the traditional light source of the normative form, only need to clear the required color temperature and brightness requirements can be.

The new breakthrough LED will replace the inefficient bulb

The multi-chip X Lamp MPL Easy White LED has been carefully optimized for professional lighting applications, including directional lighting for PAR and BR type bulbs. Through the appropriate design system, MPL Easy White LED light output equivalent to a 3000-K, 75W BR-30 bulbs, but the energy consumption than the traditional incandescent lamp reduced by 78%, can fully meet the energy star (ENERGYSTAR) on the integrated LED light bulb light efficiency and light output requirements.

“Cree’s new product features Easy White color temperature technology, eliminating the need to learn and understand LED color binning,” said Fred Dorrani, president of T ^ 3Mark, an LED integrator specializing in lighting engine technology. “The new product simplifies design with LED single light source design and manufacturing processes to accelerate the overall product launch process and improve product consistency.”

“Cree has set a new standard for LED brightness, efficiency and ease of use,” said Paul Thieken, director of marketing for LED Components at Cree. “The MPLLED we offer is just enough to meet the lighting needs of the LED industry, with Easy White color temperature Technology customers can shorten the design and manufacturing cycle of new products, but also improve color consistency, reduce product pixel color problem (pixelation) .MPL Easy White LED further enriched the Cree to the application of the first LED product line, but also to meet the lighting The real needs of the industry.”

MPL Easy White LED offers 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 400K different color temperatures, all of which are in the United States National Institute of Standards ANSIC78.377-2008 as a color sub-file center. The Because the color of MPL Easy White LED is highly uniform, the color gamut occupied by the above color temperature is 75% smaller than the total area occupied by the ANSIC78.377 color segment, which helps to reduce the number of components, avoid complex color mixing schemes, And solve other LED design common pixel chromatic aberration problem.

The X Lamp MPL Easy White LED is available in a small package of 12 mm x 13 mm (72% smaller than the market’s smallest LED element) and provides up to 1500 lm of luminous flux at 250mA drive current. The product is now available in volume delivery at standard delivery times. A small number of products are available through Cree Authorized Distributors, which are available directly from Cree.