The night scene lighting project of the characteristic block of Qixiashan Ancient Town in Nanjing is advancing rapidly

Recently, the official Weibo of Nanjing Urban Construction Group released information about the night scene lighting project of the characteristic blocks of Qixia Mountain Ancient Town.

The night scene lighting project of the characteristic block of Qixiashan Ancient Town in Nanjing is advancing rapidly

According to reports, Qixia Ancient Town is located in Qixia Mountain Scenic Area, Qixia District, Nanjing City, about 20 kilometers away from the main urban area of Nanjing, and a 25-minute drive from Nanjing Railway Station. It is backed by Qixia Mountain and Qixia Temple, with beautiful natural scenery and profound cultural heritage. The ancient town is committed to creating a characteristic block of “Qixia Zen City”, planning to form a structure of “one horizontal and one vertical, two belts and nine districts”.

The ancient town night scene lighting project embodies the transition from a modern to the traditional time axis, based on the geographical location “mountain-temple-town” a diverse experience transition, to meet the scene changes in time and space. Depending on the location, the lighting atmosphere should also be different. The waterside lighting is elegant and quiet, the roads inside the ancient town are lively and eye-catching, and the connection with Qixia Mountain is solemn and atmospheric.

Check-in point of night view of Qixia Ancient Town (rendering picture of South Archway): Light beams flashed when passing through the archway, heralding the changes of the times, and showing the effect of traveling from modern to ancient times.

The lighting group affiliated with the group is responsible for the implementation of the ground part of the ancient town (C, D, E area); the architectural part (South Archway, North Archway, D9 building); the projection part (Bifeng Pagoda, Yulong Bridge). According to the characteristics of the project, the company has established a team with rich experience in project construction management. Before the start of the project, the construction plan is prepared, the construction personnel are organized, the construction content is advanced in an orderly manner during the construction process, and the construction difficulties and details are communicated with all parties in a timely manner. All kinds of problems that arise are handled and implemented in a timely manner.

The pedestrian bridge and Qixia Temple are located on the same central axis, which is an important organizational node of the “Zen Tourism” route-crossing the downtown area-Shanmen Square-Qixia Temple. The bridge deck is equipped with light poles that are the same as the main axis of the ancient town to provide lighting for the road surface while creating a sense of order and ceremony. Different color temperatures are used to distinguish the bridge arch and the facade, emphasizing the structure of the bridge arch and the river barrage, and the facade presents a silhouette.

At present, the area south of Shanmen (Area C, D, Nanpailou) which Lighting Group is in charge of has been partly lit. Synchronized implementation according to the progress of the site.