Shanghai Jing’an District Sculpture Park night scene lighting will be upgraded soon

According to the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Greening and City Appearance, the Jing’an District Sculpture Park, as the only special sculpture park in the center of Shanghai, completed the reconstruction project of the Beijing West Road area of the Sculpture Park on September 29, 2022. open.

Shanghai Jing'an District Sculpture Park night scene lighting will be upgraded soon

For citizens who come to the park at night, there are still some problems in Jing’an District Sculpture Park, such as the lack of lighting for some sculptures and signage, and insufficient lighting in places where citizens gather. In order to better present the night lighting effect of the park and enhance the nighttime play experience of the citizens, Jing’an District Greening and City Appearance Administration have started the design of the lighting scheme of Jing’an Sculpture Park. The landmark of the Greenland Park in the central city of Shanghai, creates a high-quality night lighting display area.

The lighting design of Jing’an Sculpture Park is based on highlighting sculptures and integrating them with nature. Through the overall space of light and dark balance and the creation of an artistic atmosphere, it creates a natural, romantic, elegant and leisurely nighttime where people sit together while talking and laughing. environment

The entire lighting project will upgrade the original lighting facilities and lighting system of the park:

Improve and increase functional lighting, add street lights, and set up night-time guiding facilities such as fluorescent guide signs;

Add landscape lighting that simulates natural light, and use lights to add interest to night park landscaping. Especially for the unique sculpture works in the park, the existing municipal lighting facilities will be skillfully used, and floodlights will be added to highlight the artistic sculptures, forming an artistic light and shadow atmosphere. For example, by adjusting the lighting angle and parameters, the light casts the texture of the hollow sculpture to create a sense of distinct texture, so as to increase the interest of viewing the artwork at night.

It is worth mentioning that some citizens have reported that the lights in the sculpture park are wrapped around the trees. It is not beautiful to look at the trees during the day, and they are also worried that they will cause damage to the growth of plants. In this sculpture park lighting renovation plan, this problem will also be solved. By making full use of the existing facilities and increasing the combination of garden lights and floodlights on the ground, “seeing the light but not seeing the light” will be realized, creating a quiet and artistic atmosphere. The immersive micro-dynamic light and shadow atmosphere.