The ways to avoid LED lighting pollution

There are a lot of indoor light pollution , but the cause of LED lighting design in terms of what it has LED lighting expert , said: ” At present, many consumers have errors on the indoor LED lighting design , the main problems: excessive lighting , lights off light or dark , color complex , in fact, these problems can be avoided in LED lighting design , ” and made a few suggestions about :

The ways to avoid LED lighting pollution

1 indoor LED lighting should be adapted to the functional requirements of the space . Many consumers in pursuit of decorative effect , extensive use of lighting . In fact, should be renovated according to different spaces, places and objects , choose a different way of LED lighting . From the point of view , such as the use of the room , den, living room, kitchen , etc. should adopt the cool light, while the bedroom , bathroom, balcony , etc. should adopt the warm light . Implementation of “key LED lighting ” , such as the need to read , put a healthy LED lamp, a lamp for the region can be built , not too light , warm and soft enough.

2 , select the correct lighting . When choosing lighting, we should choose those with high color , high flash, stable performance characteristics of lamps. Stable high performance lamps can power efficiency, long life, the complete protection, greatly increasing the overall stability .

3 , refused to direct light entering the eyes. LED lighting should also be subject to the direction and strength of the attention , otherwise it gets direct sunlight , it will have a negative impact . Can be ” secondary LED lighting” methods, such as the lights reflecting off after hitting the ceiling , neither damage the eyes , but also adds a romantic atmosphere.

In addition, experts also recommend planting flowers in the living room , so the room has a fresh breath of nature , not only can regulate indoor light environment , but also make people feel comfortable. When bathing, do not continue to use the ” Yuba ” and other auxiliary equipment, or it may appear dizziness , insomnia , difficulty concentrating , loss of appetite and other symptoms.