tube led lighting and wind/solar energy

In our daily lives, the street lamps bring light into our night. The street of the beautiful city at night, decorated colorful. But the street lamps need a hugh amount of energy, especially the suburban roads and highways away from the power point. Solar hybrid street lighting, that is, wind, solar cells, two kinds of green energy combined with LED products like tube led lighting are complex products from a technical perspective, the use of two energy sources complement each other principle, the configuration of the polycrystalline silicon solar panels, permanent magnet generators, maintenance-free batteries, microcomputer time controller, high efficiency LED lamps like tube led lighting.

No cable, simple construction, wide application domain, sleek, organic combination of utility and art. And transformation on the basis of the original street lamps. Solar hybrid street lighting does not require transmission lines, do not consume energy, is an inexhaustible, virtually inexhaustible energy priceless gift of nature.

Ordinary high-pressure sodium lamps, street lamps buried cable power supply must be used when more than three kilometers away from the power point, the cost of construction of the street lamp power supply line with kilometers of extension, also need to set the boost system. Not only the cost of the power supply line and the line power loss are also many, coupled with the street lamps light up the necessary electricity will consume more.

At present, a great need for the public knowledge of universal education of environmental protection and new energy, wind and solar street light most direct application to demonstrate the environmental and life prospects.

Solar hybrid street lighting, fan rotation dynamic America, the blades can be colorful, sleek windmills arranged along the highway, the wind fluttering, will become a beautiful landscape of the road just like LED STREET LIGHT.
tube led lighting and wind/solar energy
The solar hybrid street lighting is a set of environmental protection and energy conservation as one of the products, with the intensification of the world’s conventional energy shortage, the use of natural wind and solar power this clean, renewable energy will be universal, complementary street light will represent the future development of the street lamp direction. It would be to start with obvious environmental and economic benefits of solar hybrid street lighting, to enhance people’s awareness and understanding of new energy to support tube led lighting.