what is a led light bulb with different power supply?

Although the LED is good at energy saving, but the LED street light source can not directly use the utility grid voltage, it must be equipped with dedicated voltage conversion equipment provided to meet the LED rated voltage and current in order to make LED to work properly, is the so-called LED high bay power supply. what is a led light bulb?

what is a led light bulb with different power supply?However, due to a variety of different LED power performance, so choose a suitable, efficient LED special power supply, can be truly revealing the high performance characteristics of the LED light source. Because of the low efficiency of the LED power supply needs to consume a lot of power, will not be able to highlight the energy-saving characteristics of the LED to the LED-powered.

LED power supply according to driving methods can be divided into two categories:
A constant current drive circuit driving the LED is very satisfactory, the drawback is that higher prices. The constant current circuit although not afraid of the load short-circuit, but is prohibited to load completely open. what is a led light bulb?
To limit the number of LED use, because it has the largest withstand current and voltage values.   A voltage regulator circuit to determine all the parameters, the output is a fixed voltage, output current changes with the changes in load.

Second, the LED lights power circuit structure can be divided into six categories:
The conventional step-down transformer:
The advantage of this power is small, the downside is the weight of emphasis, the power efficiency is very low, generally 45% to 60%, reliability is not high, so rarely.
Electronic step-down transformer:
The power structure of the inadequacies of conversion efficiency is low, narrow voltage range, generally 180 ~ 240V ripple interference.

The PWM control switching power supply:
At present, the LED power supply of the PWM control mode is ideal, because this switching power supply output voltage or current is very stable. what is a led light bulb? High power conversion efficiency can generally be as high as 80% to 90%, and the output voltage and current is very stable. LED power of this approach consists of four parts are: part of the input rectifier filter, the filter portion of the output rectifier, PWM regulator control section, the switching energy conversion part. Protection measures, such circuits are well belong to the high reliability of power supply.