Why LED bar does not lit

In the use of LED bar, there will be the phenomenon that LED bar could not light. why does it not work? ENELTEC editor will give you a detailed description on the reason why the LED bar does not work.

Why LED bar does not lit

  1. The packaging protection of LED light strip is imperfect, which results in the damage of LED beads during transportation.

2. There are cold solder joints on the LED light bar. Vibrations during transportation may result in the fall off of solder joints, thus causing the lights not bright.

3. LED light bar has less Tin, thus solder joints fall easily.

4. If the Tin has poor quality, in the process of bending LED light bar, the joints prone to occur embrittlement or shedding phenomenon.

5. If the bending angle is too large when installing LED light bar, perhaps the solder joints will be separated from copper foil, thus causing the light does not shine.

6. If the products are over extruded during installation, the chip may be broken or the joints may be deformed

7. If the solder layer on the circuit board of LED light bar is too thick, the soldering tin and the circuit board can not be completely fused together when welding, thus causing the cold solder phenomenon.

8. LED light bar could not be twisted during installation. If it is distorted, the light may not shine because the fall off of solder joints.