ZTE “Blue Pillar” intelligent street lighting program

“Blue Pillar” intelligent street lighting program from the ZTE Blue Box intelligent charging pile, 4G iMacro new concept base station, intelligent control box and intelligent lights composition, to achieve a variety of tasks for the integration of hardware solutions and products. It realizes a traditional street light pole, is 4G / 5G base station, also is the electric vehicle charging pile, simultaneously may gather the meteorological, the environment, the traffic, the security and so on the city synthesis information, the big screen outdoor LED screen also may provide the convenience information and uses in Advertising operations.

 ZTE "Blue Pillar" intelligent street lighting program

Depth analysis of Huawei, ZTE smart street program features

Make full use of street light pole resources, into the surrounding environment, with high concealment, not only solved the problem of 4G network location difficult, while government and operators to build WIFI hot spots, urban environmental monitoring, security management, Statistics provides a guarantee, and can provide targeted advertising, municipal information dissemination and other value-added services.

Site unit cost is lower, site business density is higher. Is advantageous for the operator to obtain the station resources at the same time, more saves the land, saves the electric power, saves the resources. So that the government, operators, the public, owners and other parties benefit from the operator’s business has also expanded from the communications operations to the city to operate integrated services change.

“Blue Pillar” intelligent street lighting program, cleverly base station, light pole and charging pile integrated into the future demand for green energy promotion, electric vehicle charging and car networking and other needs and potential market, which is increasingly focused on society, To achieve a one-time rapid deployment of the tower and other operating companies to provide a convenient solution, not only to solve the road and community coverage problems, but also to street lamps through the base station information exchange with wisdom, integration into all things interconnected.

BluePillar is the first in the industry to integrate base stations, light poles and charging piles into a single, rapid deployment of ZTE in the context of a deep understanding of the needs of the three operators and tower companies for the future sharing and co-development and business development. Tower provides a convenient solution, not only to solve the road and cell coverage problems, but also to the street through the base station information exchange also followed the wisdom of all things into the Internet. The pilot program in early February has been completed in Shenzhen, construction and operation.