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Eneltec was founded in 1982, devoting nearly 30 years to the development and manufacture of lighting products, including electronic ballast, T5 adapters and LED products.

Eneltec, with its powerful technology and excellent marketing system, working on providing high quality service to the customers, is growing more and more powerful in lighting industry.

ENELTEC care so much about the brand enfluences and also the satisfactory experience of our customers. So we always put alot of efforts on the products quality and after sales service. We emphasis on applying for the necessary certificates for our target market , controlling every step of the productions , testing before delivery and tracking each order after delivery.

Presently, the records of our customer database has been up to 7500companies from more than 130 countries. And among them, we have some main customer like: 3M, Boeing, Disney, Ford, Swarovski, HP...

Eneltec Production Base, 30,000 sqm workshop, employs more than 40 engineers and 300 workers. The total annual production capacity for indoor LED products are more than 6,000,000 units and outdoor LED products are more than 300,000 units.

Production Line

Eneltec are installed 19 Production lines to work on 9 series of LED products. Every production line are equipped QA/QC Officers to do the real time inspection to make sure that every manufacture process are under the quality control system.

Integrating sphere and testing system

Eneltec take an investment for more than 2,000,000 USD to purchase the whole testing system. We provide Authoritative Photometer Distribution files in IES format for professional customers and lighting designers.

Aging testing

Each unit of Eneltec LED products are take a 48-hours aging testing before delivery. Some outdoor LED products would be also doing the IP rating testing, anti-vibration testing and explosion-proof testing.

  Eneltec Group are composed of 3 companies.

  Eneltec (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ——Global Marketing Center

  Eneltec (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. ——Global Production Base

  Eneltec (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. ——Shenzhen Global Logistics Center

  2011, Eneltec successfully developed LED Explosion Proof Lights.

  2010, Eneltec successfully developed LED Panel Lights.

  2009, Eneltec (Shanghai) was founded as Global Marketing Center of Eneltec Group.

  2007, Eneltec successfully developed LED High Bay Lights.

  2006, Eneltec successfully developed LED Flood Lights.

  2005, Eneltec successfully developed LED Street Lights.

  2004, Eneltec successfully developed LED Down Lights.

  2003, Eneltec successfully developed LED Light Tubes.

  2002, Eneltec successfully developed LED Bulbs.

  2001, Eneltec successfully developed LED Spot Lights.

  1998, Eneltec successfully developed T5 Adapters and greatly promoted energy-saving projects.

  1995, Eneltec invested USD 2,000,000 to set up the lighting product testing system, Eneltec Global R&D Center was founded meanwhile.

  1993, Eneltec Group was set up and Eneltec (Taiwan) Factory was founded in the same year.

  1988, Eneltec successfully developed the electronic ballast for HPS bulbs.

  1986, Eneltec successfully developed APFC IC controlled electronic ballast.

  1983, Eneltec successfully developed the first generation electronic ballast for fluorescent tubes.

  1982, Eneltec was founded, devoting to the R&D of lighting products.

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EMC of CE for LED products

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