ENHB-100W-02 LED High Bay Lights in Spain

ENHB-100W-02 LED High Bay Lights in Spain
ENHB-100W-02 LED High Bay Lights

Country: Spain

City: Madrid

Project name: Fovhest Factory Warehouse

Date: 2012-04-02

Model: ENHB-100W-02

Quantity: 80 pcs

On April 2nd, 2012, we sold our new order of ENHB-100W-02,which can replace traditional 200W lamps. The lumax up to 8000LM.

LED high bay lights are designed for using in supermarkets, jeweller's shops, advertisement box, office building, or for direct replacement of conventional lamps.

This customer give us the length and width of the warehouse to let us design the lamp for him. We directly make the DIAlux report for him according to his description. He is so surprised and pleased after he received the report, because the data is very clear and explicit.It clearly showed the illumination between each light, and how many lamps are needed in the warehouse.

We used the single powerful 100W LED as the lighting source, and a unique multi-chip integrated single source design.Selecting the imported high brightness semiconductor chips, which has a high heat conductivity, low luminous decay, pure lighting color and no double image. The unique heat sink design, with perfect combination of effective heat conduction and diffusion, can easily reduce the temperature of the lamp body, in order to guarantee the life of the light source and power.The surface of the cooling have done the process of anodic oxidation treatment. The structure is compact and beautiful.In addition, the color is good. we have a variety of light and color to choose in order to meet the needs of different environments. It eliminate the depressed mood which may be caused by the high or low color temperature of traditional lamps. Our LED light can give us a comfortable vision and improved people's working efficiency.

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