LED High Bay Light Projects

Eneltec has installed about 200,000,000 LED Lighting Products by more than 500 different models for 1450 projects in 155 countries, you could find all the information of these LED Projects here.

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ENHB-80W-02 LED High Bay Light in Netherlands

Country: Netherlands

The owner use our ENHB-80W-02 LED High Bay Lights for the lighting in escalator areas.All the ENHB-80W-02 are put in a special lighting fixture, so make them meeting with the surrounding environment.

ENHB-120W-02 LED High Bay Light in Peru


This is a project that we received in March, 2010. In accordance with the customer’s requirements, we need to provide a project design based on the data given by him. 

ENHB-160W-01 LED High Bay Lights in Greenland

Country: Greenland

After the lighting distribution design made by Eneltec Lighting Group, there are a totally 154 units of ENHB-160W-01 (with a luminous flux of 10400lm and a beam angle of 120o), cool white. 

ENHB-160W-01 LED High Bay Light in Nuuk

Country: Greenland

In this project, we designed a 10-unit LED High Bay Lights for a small-sized warehouse. The owner of this warehouse is a pretty interesting man. Still remember in the first Email from him, he complained how his workers have to work “in the dark” in past seven years. 

ENHB-160W-01 LED High Bay Lights in Saudi Arabia

Country: Saudi Arabia

Due to the special construction of LED High Bay Lights, we have to send these products separately. 

ENHB-160W-01 LED High Bay Lights in Japan

Country: Japan

The roof height of this project is only 5 meters, but as the customer request for very high lux, so we recommend them to use ENHB-160W-01 as the lumen for the model is 12.800LM Max, and each unit for 4 square meters.



ENHB-160W-01 LED High Bay Lights in China

 Country: China

As the lifespan of LED Lights are more than 50,000 hours, so, during this period, the LED High Bay Lights almost don't need any maintance.

ENHB-100W-02 LED High Bay Lights in Spain

Country: Spain

On April 2nd, 2012, we sold our new order of ENHB-100W-02,which can replace traditional 200W lamps. The lumax up to 8000LM.


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