ENHB-120W-02 LED High Bay Light in Peru

ENHB-120W-02 LED High Bay Light in Peru
ENHB-120W-02 LED High Bay Light in Peru
ENHB-120W-02 LED High Bay Light in Peru

Country: Peru

City: Lima

Project name: Electronics Systems

Date: 2010-3-02

Model: ENHB-120W-02

Quantity: 98 pcs

  This is a project that we received in March, 2010. In accordance with the customer’s requirements, we need to provide a project design based on the data given by him. Within one-day work, we concluded several plans and finally chose the optimal one. As the roof height of this project is 8 meters, also, the owner asked for lamps with narrow beam angel and high luminous flux, thus we chose ENHB-120W-02 40°model for them. Theoretically, warehouses or workshops higher than 6 meters should use LED High Bay Lights with narrow beam angles (smaller than 45 degree). Otherwise, the lighting effect may not satisfy customers’ requests. The plane light intensity is not evenly distributed. In this design, 98 LED High Bay Lights are used. According to the feedback information and photos from our buyer, this project is successful.

  “There are no difficulties in installing these lamps, they have good qualities. When we installed these High Bay Lights in our warehouse, they give a better performance than we expected, thank for Eneltec’s help, hope we can have further co-operations in future.” Said in the Email sent by the owner of this warehouse. So far, all of these LED High Bay Lights are in normal work. None of them are failed. We still keep in touch with this customer, recording these lamps’ working conditions regularly. Once failure happened, we will try our best to contact with him to discuss about repair or replacement issues.

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