ENHB-160W-01 LED High Bay Light in Nuuk

ENHB-160W-01 LED High Bay Light in Nuuk
ENHB-160W-01 LED High Bay Light in Nuuk

Country: Greenland

City: Nuuk

Project name: EXPORT FREEZER in Royal Artic Line A/S.

Date: 2012-3-5

Model: ENHB-160W-01

Quantity: 10 pcs

In this project, we designed a 10-unit LED High Bay Lights for a small-sized warehouse. The owner of this warehouse is a pretty interesting man. Still remember in the first Email from him, he complained how his workers have to work “in the dark” in past seven years. 

The poor lighting effect of HID lamps drove him crazy. “We need LED lighting techniques which can provide more powerful lighting effect and can work in very cold conditions (Greenland)”. In accordance with his requirements along with the detailed information (provided by himself) of this warehouse, our designers produced an optimal plan. We replaced the previous used 400W HID lamps with our ENHB-160W-01, the luminous flux increased by 15% and saved more than 35% energy.

ENHB-160W-01 is the most powerful LED High Light we have presently, with a luminous flux of 10400lm, power consumption of 160W. The cooling system is a very important part for them. However, since they work in a very cold weather, we concerned more about wire and circuit protection methods rather than cooling system. A lower temperature will impact a bad effect on LED chips’ performance as well. It cost our reach and development department 10 days to solve this problem. Each of these 10 lamps has been embedded additional protecting circuits. So far, we have not received any failure reports from this customer. We will keep on recording the work conditions of these lamps.

Please check the pictures before and after installation.

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