ENHB-160W-01 LED High Bay Lights in Greenland

ENHB-160W-01 LED High Bay Lights in Greenland
ENHB-160W-01 LED High Bay Lights in Greenland

Country: Greenland

City: Nuuk

Project name: Nuuk Airport

Date: 2011-11-02


Quantity: 154 pcs

  This is a large workshop, which is 136m X 33m and 8 meters high. After the lighting distribution design made by Eneltec Lighting Group, there are a totally 154 units of ENHB-160W-01 (with a luminous flux of 10400lm and a beam angle of 120o), cool white. According to the feedback information and photos, this project is successful. Here we attached two photos after being installed by our lighting products. All of them are provided by the owner of this workshop. From these photos we can see that this workshop has two parts: one is the plane maintenance shop, the other one is the vehicle maintenance shop. For maintenance shops, we recommend LED High Bay Lights with relatively high luminous flux, like ENHB-160W-01. After the installation, the measured average luminous flux of workshop is 309lux, which is much higher than the result of using the same quantity of HID Lamps. As we expected, these lamps provide sufficient brightness to this workshop. So far, we have not received failure report from this customer. We will continue to keep record of the work conditions of these lamps.

  ENHB-160W-01 is a new type of powerful LED High Bay Light. We spent more than 6 months to develop this lamp. Since LED chips cannot work in high temperatures (the working current should be maintained under 20mA for each chip), we spent a lot of energies and time on the design of cooling system. ENHB-160W-01 has the best cooling technology, can continue to work more than 72 hours.

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