ENHB-160W-01 LED High Bay Lights in Japan

ENHB-160W-01 LED High Bay Lights in Japan
ENHB-160W-01 LED High Bay Lights
LED High Bay Lights in Japan

Country: Japan

City: Tokyo

Project name: Nishiogt

Date: 2011-5-5


Quantity: 450 pcs

The roof height of this project is only 5 meters, but as the customer request for very high lux, so we recommend them to use ENHB-160W-01 as the lumen for the model is 12.800LM Max, and each unit for 4 square meters.

High bay has the features and advantaged of direct replacement of conventional lamps, more than 50,000 hours continous work, no hazard of mercury or lead entering the environment, solid-state, shock and vibration resistant light sources running on, major reduction in power costs, maintenance free, generate little heat, no fluorescent flickering, no danger of broken glasss, external power supply with high power factor and low harmonic current. It eliminate the defects of tradional lights,in the premise of remission of worker's pressure and working environment. As considered the above advantages, our customer purchased 450 pieces without any hesitant.

High bay lighting fixtures can be used in areas where the bottom of the light fixture is more than 20 feet above the floor. Our high bay fixtures have a 15 - 18" open reflector allowing for a more concentrated beam spread with a prominent downward component. High wattage sources in ENHB-160W-01 are usually required in order to properly illuminate the spaces.Our high bay are desinged to install in supermarkets, jeweller's shops, advertisement box, office building, and for direct replacement of conventional lamps. The material textures adopted in high bay is aluminium board, which is better to heat sink.At the same time, we considered our customer requirements.

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