ENHB-160W-01 LED High Bay Lights in Saudi Arabia

ENHB-160W-01 LED High Bay Lights in Saudi Arabia

Country: Saudi Arabia

City: Riyadh

Project name: khalf sultan

Date: 2010-7-12


Quantity: 340 pcs

This is an extremely large workshop. The owner planed to install some powerful lamps for his workshop. He used 400W HID lamps at first. After trying some samples of our LED High Bay Lights, he decided to replace those HID lamps with them. Since this workshop is really hug and very high, according to our project design result, 340 units ENHB-160W-01 are applied. ENHB-160W-01 is the most powerful LED High Bay Lights that we have, with a luminous flux of 10400lm. After finishing the finial installation, the owner sent us a good responds, “the measuring light intensity on the ground is approximate 250 lux, higher than our expectation, also 10% higher than the previously installed HID lamps, and more than 30% energy has been sabed. It is really good, now our workshop looks much better. Thank you for your help!” said the owner in one of his mails. 

Due to the special construction of LED High Bay Lights, we have to send these products separately. At first, this customer has no idea of how to install them (although we sent the installation manual) and called us for help. Our technicians filmed a short teaching video and guided him on the line. With the help of our workers, this customer and his workers successfully completed the entire installation by themselves. It is a project happened last year. So far no failure reports have been received. We still keep in touch with the owner. Recently, he had another project for a small-size warehouse, and contacted with us. If our customer needs us, we will try our best to help them at anytime.

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