ENHB-80W-02 LED High Bay Light in Netherlands

ENHB-80W-02 LED High Bay Light in Netherlands

Country: Netherlands

City: Amsterdam 

Project name: Zeeburg Shopping Mall

Date: 2011-11-02

Model: ENHB-80W-02

Quantity: 48 pcs

The owner use our ENHB-80W-02 LED High Bay Lights for the lighting in escalator areas.All the ENHB-80W-02 are put in a special lighting fixture, so make them meeting with the surrounding environment.

Our ENHB-80W-02 replace the 150W HPS lamps in this shopping mall, save about 50% power consumption. Also, in this shopping mall, we use Cool White, with 7000K color temperature, which makes all the people feel clean and modern, which also incease the total turnover of the shopping mall. 

The shape of our LED High Bay lights ENHB-80W-02 are almost the same as the traditional HID Lamps, so, it's very easy for all the installation and maintenance. Also, the led lights could be started very quick, it's really a good and important point for the envergy saving. As the project was so urgent, we send all these 48pcs of LED High Bay Lights by DHL, after 4 days production and 3 days DHL air shipping, the order was delivered to this project within only one week. This helps our customers to beat all the competitors and get the order, also, we keep them goes on well with the cash flow.

As more and more people request for LED Lights for shopping malls, after this demo project, the inquiries from Netherlands inceased more than 25%, this means the LED is really a new industry in Netherlands, the demo projects are very important for the marketing activities in new industry and new markets.

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