2017 LED indoor lighting exports to pick up

It is reported that 2017 two months before the indoor lighting products accounted for more than exports. In the indoor lighting products, the total exports of bulb lights and exports for three consecutive years ranked first in the throne.

2017 LED indoor lighting exports to pick up

2017 years ago, LED bulb exports totaled $ 281 million, accounting for 28.59% of the export market (excluding unlisted products), close to one third, an increase of 53 over the same period in 2016 .94%.

In recent years, the United States has been China's LED lighting products, the main export destination, LED lighting products, the total exports have been topped the list. LED bulb exports are the first five countries of the United States, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia and Japan, the top ten enterprises export LED bulbs accounted for 36.3% of the total exports of LED bulb.

At present, LED bulb export destination is still dominated by developed countries in Europe and America, but LED bulb greater growth space will mainly come from, such as India, Africa, Southeast Asia, Russia, Pakistan and other underdeveloped countries, these countries LED bulb Lamp penetration and replacement rate is relatively low, with a very large development space.


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