LED lights to beautify the night market in Jinan

In order to beautify, brighten the night market style, enhance the city grade and image, with the "lighting project", the night market by the professional installation and commissioning lighting, installation of bright energy-saving LED lighting 50 units (50 watts), LED lights with more than 500 square meters, all-round coverage of more than 1,000 booths, on the east and west entrance two arch, large blue and white porcelain fresco color neon lights with decoration, coordination of relevant departments in the East and West Road, additional municipal lighting street lamps, so that the appearance of the night market a new look, Create a three-dimensional city night.

LED lights to beautify the night market in Jinan

In order to further improve the level of standardization of the night market, the organizers of the night market booths were zoned wiring, unified number, the demand for business operators to provide a unified custom stainless steel table, industry in the area within the designated business, the appearance of more beautiful. At the same time, the night market forbidden business operators to use all kinds of audio equipment, LED lighting project average illumination, color temperature, color index and other indicators have also been a professional team to calculate the design, from the source to eliminate the noise, lighting and other disturbing phenomenon, The masses to provide a safe and harmonious shopping environment.

In addition, the night market will also be held from time to time all kinds of cultural Huimin activities for the masses to provide an experience to enjoy the cultural nightlife of the place, to promote the prosperity and development of cultural industries in Jinan.


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