2020 the world smart lighting market up to 243.41 billion USD

Data show that in 2013 the global smart lighting market industry size of about 57.57 billion USD, of which lighting and related accessories market size of about 1.287 billion USD; in 2015 the global intelligent lighting market reached 78.3 billion USD, an increase of Swift. In accordance with the current development momentum, is expected to reach 24.341 billion USD in 2020, of which the lighting and related accessories market size of about 87.1 billion USD, accounting for more than 5%, the compound annual growth rate of more than 20%.

2020 the world smart lighting market up to 243.41 billion USD

Intelligent lighting market is hot, the main reason is mainly from the following aspects:

1, The smart home industry increasingly hot

Smart home technologies have been around for decades, and the main challenge facing the market so far is that consumers are not well-informed about the technologies involved and the dominant players in the market are still some of the more expensive products for the affluent. However, with the continuous popularization of AI technology, the price of smart home products will inevitably decline in the future, and more middle-class consumers will enter the market.

2020 global smart lighting market up to 243.41 billion USD, where is motivation?

2017-2022 China smart home market size forecast

At present, smart home at more than 100,000RMB, the public is more difficult to accept the price. Such as smart home prices can be reduced to 3-5 million this level, spending 500-1000 RMB per square meter, this smart home products more practical significance, but also both reliable and stable conventional functions.

In lighting, the current advanced control system operation more simple, intelligent system management will replace the traditional point-to-point control mode, allowing users to more easily experience the convenience and benefits of intelligent lighting. Moreover, the lighting system can be integrated with other IoT applications. The IoT technology connects all kinds of lighting equipment and lamps with an intelligent network to save up to 80% of the electricity consumption and is an ideal entry point for the industry in developing the smart home market.

2, cross-border cooperation, smart lighting technology to maturity

The traditional lighting supply chain system has been a system for a long time. It does not meet the needs of other categories and develops into the Internet of Things. The intelligent lighting system urgently needs to build an overall system with other smart devices and link with other devices. Good smart lighting, lighting companies need to cooperate with the chip, sensors, cloud computing and other enterprises, to give others do not excel in the field, based on the choice of platform to create differentiated and distinctive products.

For IoT enterprises, smart lighting is an indispensable part of smart home and smart city. Many well-known domestic and foreign brands such as Microsoft, IBM, Ali, Huawei, Xiaomi and Tencent have crossed into the field of intelligent lighting to seize intelligence lighting industry outlet is the best witness.

Philips Lighting and Huawei signed a cooperation agreement to protect the Philips Hue home intelligent lighting system and Huawei Ocean Connect IOT platform seamless connection; as early as 2015, millet has been with many lighting companies signed a joint statement, announced the common In addition, in recent years, Haier, ZTE, Jingdong, Baidu, Ali, Meizu, and so giants in all fields are beginning to flood into the smart lighting market.


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