Czech office use adjustable LED lighting to improve work efficiency

Office lighting has always affected the working atmosphere and efficiency of employees, so choosing the right lighting is especially important. Philips Lighting at the end of 2017 Innogy installed LED lighting at its headquarters in the Czech Republic to adjust the lighting based on the circadian rhythms and enhance its employees at specific times.

Czech office use adjustable LED lighting to improve work efficiency

In the natural and comfortable light to enhance the overall efficiency of the work, increase staff energy, such as changes in lighting and dark as the concept of human lighting known as human (human-centric lighting), Philips believes that the human effect of lighting than A refreshing effect of a cup of coffee.

There are 2,000 LED lamps installed in the headquarters of Innogy Czech headquarters. Among them, about 1,000 adjustable LED lamps adjust the intensity and color of light at different times.

innogy Tomá Michna, Senior Manager of Facilities and Services, Czech Republic, explains that at the beginning of the day, the office enhances the staff with natural daylight, and the intensity of the natural light gradually weakens until the light starts to weaken after lunch to further enhance Employee energy. According to its internal survey, 80% of employees think that the effect of adjustable lamp illumination system is better than that of conventional fluorescent lamps.

Jirí Tourek, manager of the Philips Czech region, said the adjustable LED system works well in hospitals and schools, so they also want to bring the system to the office and increase employee productivity through lighting. Jirí Tourek also mentioned that staying an hour in a comfortable light environment is like a cup of coffee to boost your energy. Before lunch and before get off work is adjusted to the relatively weak light, people can slowly relax.

In the LED adjustable system is also equipped with 150 sensors, these sensors will detect whether there are people in various areas of the office, if no one area that will automatically turn off the lights to save electricity, innogy Czech headquarters office thus saved About 50% of the electricity.


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