All cities in the world will be replaced by LED street lights in 2025?

In the next decade, cities around the world should be fully replaced with led street lights to save energy and money, reduce carbon emissions, which is an imminent thing.

All cities in the world will be replaced by LED street lights in 2025?

Together with companies and governments, the Climate Group, which is committed to a low-carbon economy, is urging global cities and utilities to fully replace them into low-power LED street lighting by 2025. The organization said that compared to the current street lighting, this can save 50% to 70% of the energy.

The New York Climate Week agency also launched a global low-carbon campaign - LED (= Lower Emissions Delivered) to urge local governments, cities and utilities to take full advantage of the low cost and low carbon benefits of LEDs The

Climate organizations specifically mention Los Angeles, the city has installed 14 million led street lights, the annual savings of more than 60% of the energy and 8.7 million US dollars (about 5.7 million pounds) of financial expenses.

Climate organizations claim that if all indoor and outdoor lighting is replaced by led street lights, more than half (52%) of the world's electricity demand for lighting will be reduced each year to avoid 735 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, which is equivalent to the total number of British and Spanish Carbon dioxide emissions.

In the UK, some commissions have already begun to implement this replacement. The Green Investment Bank (GIB) also finances this replacement for the cities of Glasgow and Southend-on-Sea. GIB is working with other committees to support LED street lighting and predicted that if the entire UK street lights all replaced by low-power led street lights, then the annual savings of 200 million pounds, reducing 475,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Climate organization said that the technical barriers to replace the led street lights have all been overcome, and all cities want to make this change.

When planning a new global response to a climate change agreement in Paris, all cities present want to receive support from governments and financial institutions for the business model and financing options for replacing led street lights.

"LED technology can reduce carbon emissions, save money and replace it as a bright spot," said Mark Kenber, CEO of Climate, said: "Our ongoing trials and consultations with stakeholders have shown that, When it comes to tackling climate change, led street lights are the least costly and most easy to implement, which is technically mature and commercially viable and has saved a lot of cities around the world. "

"The local government, utilities and financial institutions will need to work together to ensure that all new and old street lamps have been replaced by led street lights or equivalent," he urged, "the number of global street lights could reach 350 million by 2025." Of energy efficiency. "


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