The airport terminal to replace LED lighting

From the Qingdao Airport was informed that the lighting LED light source transformation project has been completed through the acceptance, and put into use. More than two thousand lamp wattage down to one third, the brightness doubled, the new light source more bright and energy saving.

The airport terminal to replace LED lighting

"The airport is a huge energy-consuming units, the construction of green airport is the inevitable choice for the development of the times, and in many energy-saving means and measures, the application of green and efficient lighting has become the airport energy saving, play a major effect of a major breakthrough. Good LED lighting to become the airport terminal lighting for the overall green, smart lighting transformation of the best choice. "Qingdao Airport Electrical and Mechanical Services Department staff said that the first floor of the terminal to reach the lobby and the pilot side of the floodlight LED light source Renovation project, has now passed the completion of acceptance. The transformation of the original 70-watt metal halide lamp to 20 watts of LED lamps, light intensity from the original 69 lux (illumination unit) to 130 lux.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the renovation project, the electric power department conscientiously formulated the construction plan and plan to overcome the practical difficulties such as the safety production pressure, the tight schedule and so on. From the aspects of construction organization arrangement, technical guarantee and so on, the technical personnel Follow-up operations, and strengthen the site management and other measures to avoid passenger-intensive period, overtime, only more than 20 days to complete the terminal hall more than 1260 and guided bridge flood lighting more than 860 light source transformation.

Through the light source transformation, not only greatly reduces the power loss and maintenance strength, but also improve the lamp life, enhance the terminal lighting intensity and lighting effect.


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