Analysis of LED indoor lighting standards

For indoor lighting applications to comply with the most important criteria is the "architectural lighting design standards" (GB50034-2013), the content of a comprehensive system, which provides a variety of architectural lighting design of the number of indicators (such as illumination), quality indicators Uniformity, glare limits, light color, color, reflectance, etc.), lighting power density limit (LPD), lighting, power distribution and control. It covers lighting standards and energy-saving standards for public buildings (libraries, offices, commercial, theaters, hotels, schools, hospitals, museums, transport, sports, exhibition halls) and industrial buildings, as well as the lighting management and Supervision "content.

Analysis of LED indoor lighting standards

LED is characterized by the largest concentration of light, peak light intensity is high, will inevitably produce glare for indoor problems. "Architectural lighting design standards" for public buildings and industrial buildings commonly used rooms or places of discomfort glare should be used unified glare value (UGR) evaluation, while the standard provides a unified glare value calculation method and the maximum allowable value.

For example, the standard value of UGR office lighting in the maximum allowable value of the general requirements of 19, commercial building lighting standards UGR maximum allowable value requirements are generally 22. But this method is suitable for a simple cubic-shaped room of the general lighting device design, does not apply to the use of indirect lighting and luminous ceiling of the room; for light-emitting part of the eyes formed by the solid angle 0.1sr>?> 0.0003sr Situation; apply to the same type of lamps for uniform spacing and so on.

LED interior lighting market prospects Needless to say, in the face of the future market, domestic enterprises should be how to move the time? LED indoor lighting this cake should be how to develop, I believe that many engaged in LED indoor lighting friends are very concerned about this matter of.

How to play the characteristics of LED, to overcome its shortcomings is that we should seriously think about the problem. Modern architecture, living room lighting not only for people to work, study and life to provide a good visual conditions, but also to be able to use the shape of the light color to create a certain aesthetic indoor environment to meet people's physical and psychological requirements. In view of the current LED performance is not stable enough, some key issues remain to be resolved. Therefore, we need to be safe, step by step into the room, so as to facilitate the healthy development of LED lighting technology.


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