2016 LED light source and plant lighting technology forum successfully held in Shanghai

Green plant lighting economic development in another piece of "Blue Ocean" in recent years, it’s expected to 2018, LED lighting plant will reach billions of dollars in the field of industrial scale. LED lighting market in the outbreak, how to promote the domestic commercialization process? The forum around the LED lighting applications in plants to discuss to understand the LED light source and plant lighting, scientific knowledge, training, professional R & D and management personnel, master the principles of plant lighting disciplines, Technology and equipment, and other related knowledge, vigorously promote the industrialization of plant lighting development, and to help improve the green plant lighting control system design, manufacture and industrialization level.

2016 LED light source and plant lighting technology forum successfully held in Shanghai

It is understood that Osram since 2010 has been discussed LED plant lighting development, and to a certain extent. In this forum, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors (China) Co., Ltd. Senior Marketing Manager Wu Sen from the enterprise point of view to show that the current international LED lighting plant progress.

For how to choose the LED to do plant lighting, Wu Sen from the four points were discussed, "first to see is the spectrum and wavelength; the second is to see the light effect, the higher the light effect on the greater impact of plants; Fourth, the plant lighting environment in general is relatively high humidity, high and low temperature, then we need to consider the life of the three, is to look into the cost of lighting system how to control, this time the reliability of the LED will be greatly needed; Reliability Reduces the cost of maintaining the entire lighting system, which is our main focus on the use of LED plant growth lamp standards. "In view of this, OSRAM also provides a full range of programs, committed to the field of plant lighting in the future.

The success of this forum, it’s in the green landscape lighting, plant cultivation technology and management personnel rational and effective use of light sources, improve work efficiency is of great significance. For the future development of the industry, we expect that, under the promotion of the urgent needs of social development, the plant research and development and industrial development can be shine in the continuous creation of cross-border innovation, among the world's plant industry power plant.


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