Application of smart landscape garden lights in urban greening parks

Urban road greening park is an important component of urban and road construction, plays an important role in urban ecological balance and friendly urban development, and is also an important place for residents' leisure activities. Let's take a look at how Samsung Lighting's smart landscape garden light "Magpie" helps to realize the wisdom and ecology of the green park in the smart park project on Lushan Road, Liaocheng, Shandong.

Application of smart landscape garden lights in urban greening parks

The smart landscape garden light "Magpie" adopts the bionic design language in its appearance, and integrates the auspicious concept of magpie on the brow and magpie on the branch. It outlines the shape of the magpie in a simple and abstract form, which is lifelike, lively and natural , meaning beauty and happiness.

Combined with the location characteristics of the park close to the residential area, it integrates into the community with a natural, vivid and harmonious visual perception, as if you are in the mountains and forests. With the ingenious hollow design of the lamp head, the soft and non-glare light is perfect for leisure, entertainment, and sports. Among other activities, residents' sense of travel experience and happiness will be improved, falling in love with walking, green travel, and helping the country's "double carbon" goals and the construction of spiritual civilization.

"Magpie" is equipped with monitoring, network audio and wireless WIFI smart functions. Monitoring can improve the efficiency and safety of park management and reduce the operating costs of the competent authorities; the network audio combines vision and hearing to play music, news, advertisements, etc., creating a three-dimensional leisure activity center and the application of wireless WIFI show the humanized management of the park and create a smart park.

In addition to the improvement of hardware facilities, the park is equipped with the Samsung Star Core 3.1 smart light pole operation and maintenance management platform, which provides the park with integrated full-scenario urban smart lighting comprehensive solution services, unified management, unified operation, resource sharing, and simple and easy operation. Getting started has effectively improved the operation and management capabilities and efficiency of the park.

Starcore 3.1 has three major upgrade technology advantages, sensory-recognizable interface design language, edge-linked "front-end autonomy" and lightweight.

It makes it easier for users to get started, fully integrates current mainstream design elements, is more in line with sensory perception and customer needs, and realizes intelligent, automated and standardized management of a picture; it fully integrates edge computing and cloud-edge collaboration technology to realize scenario-based applications of AI algorithms, realize the transition from perceptual intelligence to decision-making intelligence, realize partial intelligent replacement of the front-end, form a "front-end autonomy" area centered on the light pole, and achieve effects that can be perceived, judged, and acted upon; Star Core 3.1 adopts a microservice architecture to easily Quantitative design, function deployment on demand, saving costs.

Next, Samsung Lighting will continue to promote innovation and upgrading of product R&D and design, launch lighting products that meet different needs, deepen smart products and low-carbon energy-saving lighting technology, create a healthy and smart urban light environment, enhance product experience, and use the light of technology to light up a better life.


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