Guangzhou Panyu District fully promotes the intelligent and digital construction of urban lighting management

Since September 2021, Panyu District has implemented the urban lighting intelligent monitoring project. At present, it has carried out comprehensive big data asset collection for more than 56,000 street lights in the jurisdiction, newly installed and upgraded 752 urban lighting intelligent control terminals, and 854 leakage monitoring terminals, 52 water level monitoring terminals, implement full basic files, full use process, full life cycle management and automatic monitoring of related assets, effectively improve the quality of urban lighting management, reasonably reduce lighting energy consumption, and realize green, environmental protection, safety, Low-carbon urban lighting control goals.

Guangzhou Panyu District fully promotes the intelligent and digital construction of urban lighting management

When will the street lights be turned on? When will they be turned off? The urban management department of Panyu District calculates the daily sunrise and sunset times based on the latitude and longitude of the area under its jurisdiction. The road lighting intelligent monitoring terminal can monitor and analyze the loop data around the clock to optimize the best time to turn on and off the lights every day. At the same time, according to sudden weather changes, it can accurately locate areas with insufficient illumination, and adjust the regional lighting scheme in a targeted manner. While achieving the effect, refined management goal of "where it is not illuminated", it also takes into account energy saving and emission reduction, and green operation.

The existing intelligent monitoring system can also calculate the real lighting rate in real time, timely and accurately monitor the fault point, fault source and system operation status, facilitate rapid response, rapid dispatch, timely maintenance, greatly shorten the fault response time, and greatly reduce street lamp inspection and maintenance the frequency and number of dispatched personnel and vehicles can effectively reduce the comprehensive cost of lighting operation and maintenance. The operation of the intelligent monitoring system has changed the working mode of street lamp operation and maintenance personnel, releasing more energy from the original work that mainly focuses on the lighting rate, and making up for the damage to the line, the tilt of the lamp pole, etc. that were difficult to take into account work, making the maintenance work more in-depth and effective.

Effectively prevent leakage accidents

The natural aging of lighting lines and external damage during urban construction will lead to equipment leakage. Because lighting lines have many points and are relatively hidden, how to detect and deal with leakage problems in a timely manner has always been a long-standing problem in the entire lighting industry.

Panyu District implements the leakage monitoring terminal of the urban lighting intelligent monitoring project, which conducts 24-hour uninterrupted leakage monitoring on nearly 2,500 lighting power supply lines in the district. Once the leakage of a street light line exceeds the standard, the background system will automatically alarm and cut off the fault. Line power supply, and at the same time, the leakage information is sent to maintenance personnel to facilitate the rapid adoption of safety protection measures and minimize the risk of accidents caused by leakage of street lights.

Safety hazards caused by flooding of lighting facilities due to heavy rains and water accumulation are also a major pain point in lighting management. Based on the actual situation, the Panyu District Street Light Management Department took the lead in installing street light water level monitoring terminals in 52 flooded black spots in the district, which can provide visual feedback on on-site water levels information, if the water level reaches the preset warning line, it will automatically alarm and implement power-off protection to ensure the safety of citizens. During this year's heavy rainfall, more than 20 low-lying lighting facilities exceeded the first-level warning water level (5 cm). The lighting facility water level monitoring terminal immediately issued an alarm and cut off power, effectively preventing leakage accidents.

Open access to public services

Panyu District implements smart lighting big data visualization management, conducts on-site information inspection of all elements and attributes of more than 56,000 street lamps, 796 control switch boxes, and 74 special transformer units in the district, and creates a City Information Model (CIM) of urban lighting facilities. ) and Building Information Modeling (BIM), forming an integrated management display and macro evaluation system of urban lighting assets, lighting monitoring, production operation and maintenance, and video monitoring.

After the urban lighting intelligent monitoring project is completed, "one picture" will be used to realize "one-time collection and integrated application" of various basic data in the entire district, forming a digital platform for digitization of smart city lighting content, multi-grid integration and visualization, and through the mobile Internet and other technologies to open up convenient channels for public services and repair management, and establish a management system for the distribution, processing, feedback, assessment, and evaluation of electronic operation and maintenance work, allowing citizens to more conveniently participate in and supervise urban management services. There is a yellow label posted on the street light poles in Panyu District. The label has the number, road name and QR code. If citizens find that a street light is not working or has other faults, they can use their mobile phones to scan the QR code and fill in the relevant information. Information is uploaded, and Panyu District Town Street Lamp Management Company generally handles it within 5 working days, and within 24 hours at the fastest. Since the beginning of this year, Mr. Wang, who lives in Shaxu No. 1 Village, Shiqiao Street, has reported street light failures twice through this method. Each time, he received timely repairs. Mr. Wang commented that the Panyu District Street Light Management Department is "very awesome." .

Through the implementation of the urban lighting intelligent monitoring project, the lighting management level of Panyu District has reached the forefront of the whole province and even the whole country. Panyu District will continue to thoroughly implement the new development concept, in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development, strive to improve the scientific and refined level of urban management, and effectively promote the comprehensive transformation of lighting management to intelligent and digitalization.


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