Argentina LED Importers get a good prospect in international trade

With the rise of new president, many Argentine companies expect authorities to relax the foreign trade restrictions. This is the year, Buenos Aires Biel Light and Building Expo to talk about focus.

Argentina LED Importers get a good prospect in international trade

Argentina lighting products industry, held in 2015 in Buenos Aires international timing lighting and building technology exhibition may not be ideal. Since the extension of the presidential elections approaching, so the future of Argentina's foreign trade policy has become hot words, many exhibitors are speculating on what change will occur in the future.

At present, before ordering goods from foreign suppliers, all importers must firstly obtain IRD Argentina (Argentine Tax Authority) agreed, and then to the Government for the purchase of foreign currency. Three major presidential candidates have promised to relax foreign exchange controls or withdrawing them for importers of great significance. Alliance for Change (Cambiemos) candidate Mauricio Macri victory over the ruling party victory in front (Front for Victory, has been in power since 2007) of Daniel Scioli. Although the election results settled, but the new government will amend the Foreign Trade Policy was too early to say.

However, a large number of Chinese mainland enterprises are still lighting all the way (about 24,000 miles round trip) visiting Buenos Aires to participate in the exhibition, was not affected uncertainties affect deterred. Cherry Zheng Guangzhou Reddy Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Sales Manager for the first time to Argentina exhibitors. She said many Chinese companies exhibiting for the first time to the scene, and actively explore the Argentine market.

Argentina Grupo Ingal executive director Karina Lemma said the Argentine market does require energy-efficient LED products, the company is also selling LED lighting products.

Karina Lemma added that the company's purchase of LED products and lenses from the United States and Greece, so there is no problem. They are an Argentine manufacturer, sale of lighting systems to 100 customers nationwide. She said the company exports lighting components, but also recognized enterprises to enter manufactures much more difficult.

At present, Grupo Ingal imported components for the production of industrial lighting and security systems, customer base, mainly from mining and food manufacturing.


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