Malaysia accelerate the development of solar and LED lighting industry

2015 Asian Solar Energy Exhibition (Solar Asia 2015) and Asia Green Lighting Fair (Ecolight Asia 2015) was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is the city's week-long event in Asia Green Building Program (EcobuildAsia) within the expected Malaysia's LED lighting and solar panel industry has brought more opportunities. Overall, the two trends are optimistic about the prospects for the market, one is the rise in energy costs, forcing companies and consumers have to explore a variety of energy-saving mode, the second is the Malay Westerly government implement policies to promote the environmental reputation of the country.

Malaysia accelerate the development of solar and LED lighting industry

The Malaysian government has launched green procurement program to encourage people to switch from traditional lighting systems with LED lighting products. Now, all new development projects must use LED lighting.

Implementation of Regulation wide attention. Market there are many products not comply with standards, many of which are sourced from China, the authorities must be more stringent regulation of new development projects and the procurement of LED lighting products.

However, many exhibitors noted that the LED lighting market is still in its infancy, the next few years, consumer awareness of the products will deepen. Ooi said:. "5-10 years ago, LED is not a reliable or stable products Today, LED has become very reliable and durable and can provide high-quality lighting, so the consumer confidence in the LED's growing."


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