Automotive LED lighting market warming

Over the past few years, automotive LED lighting has been stuck in taillights, brake lights and interior lighting, dashboard applications, LED headlamps also exist in the topic, the controversy; and now, many loading or even the whole standard With LED headlamps models have been mass production market.

Automotive LED lighting market warming

This also means that LED automotive lighting market is entering a new development cycle.

In the market, because the LED lamp field access threshold is very high, the industry shows that "lights are automotive safety class components, depot on its quality requirements are very high, while the design cycle is very long.

Recently, as the world's automotive lighting market well-known brands, OLEDONE officially announced the Chinese brand name - "flag board", while opening a new LOGO in English and Chinese, LED lighting to enter the Chinese market.

OLEDONE and Yamaha, Kai Chi, spring power, Japan, Denso, and other original suppliers to reach a long-term depth of cooperation for the world's leading automotive brand development, production of high-quality car headlights.

LED automotive lighting has become the mainstream of today, OLEDONE flag to choose to enter the Chinese market, is undoubtedly spotted the current domestic high-end LED automotive lighting products, consumer demand.

At present there is the ability to design and production of LED automotive headlights of the company is still small. At present, mainland China's automotive lighting supply chain, from the device, to the module, to the lights, joint ventures and foreign manufacturers have accounted for most of the market share, mainland Chinese firms still can’t compete with them.

LED lights in the industrial chain, the chip from the point of view, the domestic market is almost Philips lamp, OSRAM, crystal power all swept, which OSRAM a dominance, which has the most extensive product line and the world's top depot cooperation , The whole industry into a foreign monopoly of the embarrassing situation.

While the monopoly of LED lights means high margin phenomenon. According to the Hongli Zhihui (300219) relevant responsible person said, "automotive lighting is a major highlight of the company's semi-annual report, in automotive lighting products, the company achieved revenue 93.44 million, an increase of 74.13%, gross margin reached 49.10%”.

From the global LED application market, general lighting application market share continues to increase, including automotive lighting and intelligent lighting applications will become a new wave of global LED application growth momentum.


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