Philips won the two large smart LED lighting project

At the Smart Cities Expo World Congress in Las Vegas, Philips Lighting portrayed the Smart Connected City Road, Interactive Public Space, and Sustainable Urban Agriculture in the Smart Cities of 2030 by creating an interactive virtual reality experience at the opening of the Smart Cities Expo World Congress in Barcelona, And more personalized lifestyle scenarios, show how lighting technology will help build a more sustainable, more connected and more livable city.

Philips won the two large smart LED lighting project

In the first part of the "2030: Smart City Life" Virtual Reality experience, Philips Lighting demonstrated the potential of Smart Connected LED Lighting in terms of improving the quality of life, improving daily life, and ensuring sustainable expansion in a growing global city. By 2030, the number of lighting spots around the world is expected to be close to 70 billion.

In addition, Philips Lighting 15, announced in Madrid, the latest intelligent lighting project, the Madrid landmark tower of the European tower (Torre Europa) transformed into a high security, high Internet, the future of intelligent office buildings.

Philips Lighting, in partnership with Grupo Infinorsa, the owner of the building, installed 5,400 sets of intelligent interconnected luminaires in the 14-storey building of the 32-story building, covering 19,600 square meters of office space. Relying on Philips intelligent Internet lighting system, the building can meet the user's individual needs of the work environment. With the Smartphone app, users can personalize their lighting and air conditioning facilities to improve work comfort and productivity.

The new intelligent interconnect lighting system uses Ethernet power supply, the lighting access to the building's IT network. Through the system acquisition, storage, sharing and sending lamps built-in sensors to capture the anonymous data. Room occupancy and room temperature can be used to automatically adjust lighting and HVAC equipment, optimize office space utilization, and develop sophisticated cleaning and maintenance programs. Intelligent sensor connected with the use of LED energy-saving lamps, you can automatically turn off unattended room lights. Combined with real-time accurate data from the European Tower, the system is expected to reduce lighting energy consumption by up to 70%, equivalent to 15 tons of CO2 per floor per year.

Dean Freeman, research vice president at Gartner, said, "70 percent of new commercial buildings will be equipped with intelligent interconnect lighting systems by 2020. Smart interconnect lighting systems with data analysis capabilities are also emerging. (Including LED lighting, control / sensors, interconnections and analysis capabilities) at a time when large-scale companies are deploying Stage 4. Systems that can improve energy efficiency through algorithmic feedback (including LED lighting, control / Interconnected, intelligent analysis) companies are still rare; and the ability of such data analysis and optimization algorithms in the hands of a handful of lighting companies.

The same day, Philips Lighting also announced that Jakarta will upgrade the city's road lighting system. The project is Jakarta in the process of building an intelligent city an important measure, will be 90,000 sets of traditional street lamps to upgrade to energy-saving LED lights, and connected to the Philips intelligent interconnection lighting management system. The project is scheduled to be completed in seven months, during the implementation of the day will be about 430 lighting point access to the system, so far the world's fastest deployment of energy-saving lamps and remote management access project.

"Since the advent of 2012, we have deployed more than 700 projects in 35 countries, Philips Intelligent Internet lighting management system. Government around the world will reduce the carbon emissions as an important issue of reform, hope that through the Philips intelligent lighting LED Products and systems to upgrade the existing street network. Street lights built-in wireless network enables rapid and systematic installation, each set of lights can independently transmit operating status information, significantly reducing maintenance time, "Philips Lighting Indonesia President Chandra Vaidyanathan said," Global 300 million units Only 2% of street lights are intelligent interconnected, and Jakarta's visionary Smart City Program has set a positive example for other Southeast Asian cities.


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