Brazil has a big potential LED lighting market

The Rio Games will be China's lighting brands into the international arena, many Chinese enterprises to participate in the lighting of the Olympic venues or construction of local tourist attractions, such as NVC Lighting provides services and programs, Riyadh, Chau Ming science and technology as the diving venues LED display for the Olympic Games. Made in China broke ODM impression, so that foreign users to re-understanding.

Brazil has a big potential LED lighting market

South American market has great potential to attract a lot of lighting companies in China, the primary challenge they face is the market access issues. According to the Brazilian legislation, LED lighting products must have Inmetro certification requirements for certification bodies must be accredited local institutions.

In the LED lighting part, Brazil introduced in 2015, mandatory certification requirements for LED bulb and LED lamp two kinds of lighting products, although the LED lamps and LED driver has not been specified, but the development trend, the future may there will be some new regulations. Brazil LED bulb and lamp standard is actually the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the US Energy Star standard assembly, that is to say to meet the safety requirements of European standard, the subject of energy efficiency to meet US requirements.

Inmetro in Brazil to enhance the safety and performance specification lighting products each year. June 13, 2016, mainly in the regulatory part of the manufacturer, is expected in mid-2018 from the production chain to the retail part of the implementation of comprehensive supervision. Higher standards for lighting business is both a challenge and an opportunity, grasp the opportunities of the enterprise will closely monitor regulatory changes and update technology. UL has been encouraging enterprises in product development on the front-end integration of security thinking, mastery of the elements, ensuring timely market access qualifications.

UL in South America have a very high recognition, it has built a laboratory in Brazil, and has fixed collaborating laboratories and certification bodies in other South American countries. Brazil is one of the UL certification agency approved the first batch of government, but also to meet the requirements of the product category most widely Inmetro certification bodies, our global collaboration system is also helping Chinese enterprises to enter the South American has played a good role. For example, UL in Guangzhou, Suzhou laboratory can carry out the relevant tests, the test can achieve China, Brazil and certification, and coordination to avoid the transoceanic shipping samples, saving time and costs.


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