Taiwan campus replacement LED lamps 26000

In response to carbon reduction and vision care for children, ASE Cultural and Educational Foundation said today that from 2014 launched "Campus LED program" Thereafter, Kaohsiung, Nantou as a starting point, has helped 25 school replacement of old lamps to enhance schoolchildren eye care, has spent a total of up to 15 million yuan, the replacement of 26,000 lamps, lighting effects assessment average of 2 times.

Taiwan campus replacement LED lamps 26000

ASE Cultural Foundation pointed out that after the launch "Campus LED program" is estimated to save electricity for the schools of more than 100 million degrees, the average more electricity can save 5 million per year, and to achieve carbon reduction effect.

ASE Cultural and Educational Foundation said it expects this year will be expanded to handle the proceeds of partial village, the second half will go Renai Township, Nantou County services for mountain children lit a bright light.

Nantou County, a small country jacob president Wuyao Tang also said that since the installation of the LED lights, in addition to lighting conditions changed for the better, an annual electricity savings of about 150,000 yuan, the money saved can be put into other more teaching needs of children more helpful.


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