Brazil's Belo Horizonte upgraded over 182,000 LED street lights

Belo Horizonte Iluminaiao Publica (BHIP) and Zenofei's LED streetlight upgrade project is the first public-private partnership project in public lighting in Brazil. The new LED lighting system will help Belo Horizonte improve the safety of urban roads.

Brazil's Belo Horizonte upgraded over 182,000 LED street lights

The LED streetlight upgrade project was launched in 2017. All public lighting facilities were investigated. According to the characteristics of each street, the appropriate lighting fixtures were selected to achieve the best lighting effect. The entire project was delivered and installed in a timely and efficient manner. So far, 90% of the lamps have been installed. The energy efficiency of the upgraded LED streetlights far exceeds that of traditional streetlights, and the municipality has successfully saved more than half of the electricity cost, which is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 34,000 Brazilian households. In addition, since LED street lamps have a working life five times that of traditional street lamps, the municipality will save more operating costs.

Sergio Costa, general manager of Brazil's Zenofei, said: "This LED streetlight upgrade project is not just a product. Zeno has been working closely with the municipal authorities for more than two years to ensure high quality and efficient implementation. High-quality road lighting will enhance road safety, brighter public spaces and energy efficiency for cities and residents."

BHIP President Marcelo Bruzzi said: “Like other developing countries, the lighting effects of Brazilian cities are closely linked to urban safety. Our LED streetlight upgrade project aims to bring a brighter and safer city. This modern project is very Complex, we need partners with strong strength, expertise and experience to create the most advanced lighting system. As a leader in the lighting industry, we are happy to work with them to complete this project."

The installation of a new lighting system not only brings economic benefits, but also greatly increases the utilization of public space. Thanks to the distinctive lighting effects of LED street lights, public space lighting is better, and it is easier to identify faces at night, giving the public more security during night walks and family picnics. In addition, energy conservation helps cities reduce their carbon footprint.

Brazil has 18 million lighting points, and the upgrade of public lighting LED street lights has brought great potential to improve the carbon footprint of the entire country. As a global lighting leader, Yannuofei always adheres to the environmental commitment of “Sparkling Life, Better World” and is committed to building a more sustainable world. As an important part of the environmental commitment, Yannuo will achieve carbon neutral operation in 2020.


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