Canadian growers to adopt Heliospectra's spectrally controllable LED lighting solutions

A few days ago, Heliospectra, a horticultural lighting technology supplier, announced that it will supply spectrum-controllable LED lighting and control solutions to Eco Canadian Organic (E.C.O.), a Canadian medicinal marijuana grower, to ensure that crops are healthy and high at all stages from reproduction to harvest. Quality grows.

Canadian growers to adopt Heliospectra's spectrally controllable LED lighting solutions

E.C.O., located in New Brunswick, Canada, is a family-owned business that has applied for a commercial cannabis cultivation license. The company will use the new LED lighting to grow medicinal crops, educate the public about the healing properties of medicinal cannabis, and provide support services.

E.C.O. said that with Heliospectra's integrated LED lighting solutions, the company was able to achieve high-end control, customize light "recipes" for specific crop varieties, control crop consistency, and standardize medicinal properties, which allowed the company to guarantee the production of pharmaceutical-grade Safe product.

It is understood that Heliospectra has continuously received orders for plant lighting this year, mostly for the cultivation of medical marijuana, mainly in European markets, including Denmark, Spain, and Macedonia.

The company announced the establishment of Heliospectra Canada in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the end of March this year, aiming to expand its North American business to meet the growing market demand.

It is reported that since 2017, the sales of Heliospectra’s North American business have gradually increased, and more customers have adopted its horticultural LED lighting solutions and control systems, and served large-scale greenhouses, vertical farms, new factories and equipment renovation projects in the United States, Canada and Mexico.


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