Carefully selected LED lamps away from the 'light pollution'

"Light pollution" mainly for the lamp color is too messy, the decoration is too bright two aspects. In order to avoid this light pollution, the lighting design must be more trouble. Lighting can increase the spatial effect, enrich and improve the space requirements, such as the use of light changes, distribution to create a variety of visual functions, you can also virtual space separation, the formation of areas to attract the line of sight.

Carefully selected LED lamps away from the 'light pollution'

In the room function, He Yansheng suggested that home more both guest, study, sleep and many other functions, the requirements of the light is also different. Light color, choose a main color and a secondary tone can be; light source layout, should be bright and dark degree, the room should try to use the overall lighting and local lighting combination of the way to configure the lamp, the overall lighting is chandelier, local Lighting, including wall lamps, lamps and so on.

Lamps should be in shape and color in line with the style of home, Chinese-style home can choose the ancient chandelier and fence with. Modern home, you can buy fishing lights and other modern beauty of the lamps. If the children's room for the selection of lamps should pay more attention. Do not buy a child can directly touch the lamp of the lamp, so as not to bulb hot child's skin. Also to avoid the purchase of floor-standing lamps, so that the lights were knocked down by children injured or electricity to the children.

Experts said, to avoid children by the "light pollution", the best and spotlights "say no". Although the bright spot focused on strengthening the local aesthetic play a key role, but because of its strong light, if used well, will cause the child mental stress, so the designer still suggested that unless there is a special need, or indoor home try to avoid shooting light.

Different areas to take different light source design. Can be based on the activities of the room strength and area control the number of lights, learning, work area should be moderate intensity of light, but to focus on some; bedroom light will be as soft as possible, warm, to avoid direct light source, the lamp can be hidden in the chandelier or closet, So that light refraction, which helps to get a mild light, increase the sense of security.

How to choose the lamp shape, choose color, pick material

In addition to avoid the "light pollution" problem, the choice of lamps have any know-how? This expert advice, shape, color, material, what should be considered, are indispensable.


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