China's exports to the United States LED lighting continues to grow

The United States since 2013, has been China's LED lighting products, one of the major exporting countries, China's exports to the United States LED lighting products export volume for four consecutive years ranked first. From the previous release of 2017 LED export data, the United States imported China's total amount of LED lighting products reached 720 million US dollars, compared with the same period last year increased by 29.36%.

China's exports to the United States LED lighting continues to grow

The United States is the second largest country in the Americas, the territory of 9372610 square kilometers. The United States is rich in natural resources, mineral resources, the total proven reserves of the world's first.

According to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis data, the current value of US dollars, the United States 2016 total GDP of about 18.6 billion US dollars, but GDP growth rate of only 1.6%, the lowest since 2011, also significantly lower than the previous year 2.6%.

The United States from 2014 onwards to implement the "ban order", the current popularity of the United States LED is very high, thus promoting the United States on the import of LED lighting products.

From the export data, the first quarter of 2017, the United States imported China LED lighting products amounted to 720 million US dollars, 2016 over the same period increased by 29.36%, accounting for the proportion of China's total exports of 27.45%.

China's LED lighting products exports to the United States mainly by the number of high-speed growth, mainly for the amount of price reduction.

Mainstream indoor lighting products significantly increased

From the export to the US product type, the category structure changes little, but the growth rate of indoor lighting is much higher than the outdoor lighting. According to CSA Research finishing customs data found that the first quarter of 2017, not accounted for the proportion of lamps accounted for 35.29%, in addition to not category information, the first few categories of products exported to the United States bulb, tube lights, decorative lights, Light bulbs, spotlights, spotlights, ceiling lights, outdoor lights and flat lights, the first five miles only a cast light for outdoor lighting products.

Several major mainstream products are growing faster, accounting for rising. One of the largest US imports of bulb is one of the largest varieties of products, up nearly 84% year on year growth, rapid growth.

At the same time the fastest growth rate of filament lamp, more than 1000%, visible filament lamp in the United States is also very hot.


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