China LED explosion proof lights through the EU ATEX and IECEx certification

To ensure light industrial use personal safety of users, China LED lighting business through the introduction of EU ATEX and IECEx global certification, ExdIICT5 grade LED explosion proof lights. Light body use patented extruded aluminum integrally molded by pressure test, after the actual lamp body detonated explosives experiments confirmed that the pressure generated by the explosion and the lights did not spread outside the workspace; wick its internal use of special thermal material, to limited space in the area seeking to maximize heat dissipation, efficient heat dissipation effectively extend the life of LED lighting products.

China LED explosion proof lights through the EU ATEX and IECEx certification

In recent years, frequent bombings, to strengthen industrial safety, scholars and experts and authorities to develop a system to investigate the causes of the explosion will be classified, and for the corresponding explosion-proof electrical appliances to work out the level and standard. Cause of the explosion can be divided into three elements: Ignition Source, Fuel Or Material, Oxidizer, to prevent the explosion, it is necessary to remove one or more elements.

Kaohsiung gas explosion wounds vividly, all equipment suppliers and engineering units should learn a lesson, with the latest safety regulations, to avoid the same explosion accident from happening again. Nevertheless, the EU ATEX and IECEx explosion-proof certification currently the world's few manufacturers through not apply once the conditions are very harsh, all materials, manufacturing process, quality control processes, shipping and other relevant documents are to be submitted for review, fortunately, China LED lighting companies have received this hard-won safety certification, in order to give the user one hundred percent guarantee on security.


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