China take LED explosion proof lighting Standards

Currently, LED industry standards have been landed, with reference to industry standards do market norms, promote the development of the industry.

China take LED explosion proof lighting Standards

National policy a greater impact on the LED industry, mainly from two aspects, one major macroeconomic policies for the future development of the industry to provide a good policy environment; the second is LED explosion proof lights series of standards related to landing, in favor of market regulation.

At this stage, the introduction of domestic and international standards in a number of industries have a greater impact documents. First National Standards Commission and other nine departments to develop and publish a "strategic emerging industry standardization development plan" clearly in 2015 to build about 60 standard complex, more than 600 urgent need to develop national standards and industry standards, promote the development of a number of specific measures include semiconductor lighting industry, including strategic emerging standardization work.

Two national standards of the semiconductor lighting industry related to regulating the market, guide consumption, accelerate the penetration of LED lighting products, promote energy conservation and environmental protection an important role. Explosion-proof means of LED lighting product is also available like other home appliances products, in the near future through the testing and certification, to their own products labeled energy efficiency labeling, enable end users to simple, intuitive understanding of the effect of energy-saving products, explosion in promoting LED lighting products more quickly accepted by users, but also to provide a quantitative basis for the preferential subsidies.

In addition, the National Standards Commission also launched three LED explosion proof lights standard plan, the State Key Laboratory of semiconductor lighting joint innovation to bear, aims to develop technical standards in the explosion-proof LED lamp intelligent lighting control, and application acceleration detection interface specification field methods to regulate the market and guide the industry, and promote innovation. At the same time in terms of standard integration with the mutual recognition mechanism, the industry organizations have also begun to make a useful attempt.


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