China's first explosion-proof flexible LED lighting device officially put into use

On May 25, 2019, the information research and development center of Fushun Stone Chemical Construction Company delivered 500 sets of explosion-proof flexible LED lighting devices to the construction unit, marking that China's first explosion-proof flexible LED lighting device was successfully tested and officially put into use. Fushun Stone Chemical Construction Company Construction lighting is intrinsically safe.

China's first explosion-proof flexible LED lighting device officially put into use

"The thickness is less than 2 mm. It is like an A4 printing paper in your hand, wireless, no shadow, no flicker, can be bent, and portable. It can be taken away in a pocket, unfolded, even if it is unfolded. In an environment of minus 25 degrees, it is enough to meet the lighting operation of 10 square meters for up to 8 hours ... "Speaking of this portable lighting device specially developed for the maintenance of equipment in the petrochemical industry, its inventor-Fushun Diao Kejian, director of the information research and development center of Petrochemical Construction Company, is full of confidence.

Director Diao Kejian introduced that the erection of temporary lighting installations on the scene is a very tedious task. Laying hundreds of meters of cable is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also prone to leakage. The manholes in the towers and tanks of the refining and chemical plant are the only access for maintenance personnel and equipment. Generally, the diameter is only about half a meter. Temporary cables are laid through manholes, which is a hidden danger to the maintenance site itself. Three years ago, in order to avoid hidden dangers, the senior architect of Fushun Stone Chemical Construction Company put forward the concept of portable construction lighting and handed it over to the information research and development center for research and development. After an on-site inspection of the maintenance site, Diao Kejian, director of the Information R & D Center, made a full investigation from various aspects such as model conception, data analysis, and material selection. In October 2018, China's first explosion-proof flexible LED lighting device specifically designed for the limited space operation of petrochemical installations came out.

This lighting device is fireproof and explosion-proof and does not require external power supply. It is currently the safest lighting device in the domestic petrochemical industry. The power supply of the device is two lithium batteries. Diao Kejian has designed a "power-off protection device" on each battery. Once the current is too large and the battery overheats, there is a danger of explosion. The "power-off protection device" can automatically start and the battery will stop supplying power. In addition, according to national regulations, the voltage in the flammable and explosive container should be less than 12 volts, and the voltage of this lighting device is only 7.5 volts; even if the battery explodes, the "reels" and driving devices made of explosion-proof materials also have Explosion-proof effect. Triple protection inside and outside ensures the safety of the lighting device. The device has successfully passed multiple spark tests and has applied for a national patent.

"This set of lighting makes our construction lighting achieve intrinsic safety." Commented by Zhao Chunqing, head of safety at Dalian West Pacific Maintenance Site of Fushun Stone Chemical Construction Company. Intrinsic safety refers to the function of making the production equipment or production system itself safe through design and other means, which will not cause an accident even in the event of misoperation or failure. Zhao Chunqing said that this device not only meets all the lighting needs of the construction site under the premise of safe operation, but also meets the actual site requirements such as portability, easy installation, fire protection, explosion protection, water resistance, moisture resistance, and flicker-free lighting.

According to reports, on April 10, 2019, the device was put into trial operation for the first time at the Dalian Xitaiping Petrochemical Company's catalytic maintenance site, which was well received by operators and attracted the attention of many construction units. After the successful trial, Diao Kejian upgraded the brightness and magnetic rubber of the device according to the field use feedback. At present, many companies have expressed their intention to promote the lighting device.


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