China's LED lighting driver chip demand exceeds 10 billion sets

LED is the fourth lighting method for humans after incandescent, fluorescent, and energy-saving lamps. LEDs present multiple changes in applications and are now widely used in automotive electronics, mobile devices, LCD backlights, and general lighting. With the widespread application of LEDs, the demand for LED driver chips is also growing rapidly.

China's LED lighting driver chip demand exceeds 10 billion sets

LED lighting driver chips can be divided into two types: general-purpose chips and smart chips. General-purpose LED lighting driver chips are power adjustment chips that drive LED light or the normal operation of LED module components. They are mainly used in constant current driver chips for daily LED lighting products. The intelligent LED lighting driver chip adds a module, a power supply, an intelligent control system, or various related intelligent and other related system modules to the general-purpose chip to meet the needs of intelligent LED lighting. It is mainly used in diverse scenarios.

In the early stage of the development of semiconductor lighting in China, lighting driver chips mainly relied on imports. As domestic companies gradually mastered the key technologies of LED lighting driver chips, the pattern of foreign monopolies was broken. LED lighting drive circuit design is more complicated. In addition to the lighting drive chip, downstream manufacturers also need to apply MOS (insulated gate field effect tube), VCC capacitors and other components when manufacturing power modules. Shanghai Jingfeng Mingyuan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. has broken the limit of product integration. With highly integrated power management chips, downstream manufacturers do not need to match MOS and VCC capacitors when designing power modules. The structure of the power supply circuit is simplified and the application cost is further reduce.

According to the "2019-2023 Feasibility Study Report of China's Lighting Driver Chip Market" issued by the Xinsijie Industry Research Center, with the rapid development of the domestic LED market, especially the development of the smart lighting industry, the LED lighting driver chip market continues to grow. In 2018, the demand for LED lighting driver chips in China exceeded 10 billion sets. At present, the leading company in the domestic LED lighting driver chip market is Shanghai Jingfeng Mingyuan Semiconductor Co., Ltd., whose market share exceeds 20%.

With the continuous adjustment of the LED industry structure and industrial upgrading, LED lighting is expected to gradually develop into higher-end, more intelligent and innovative products in the future, and intelligent lighting will usher in a period of rapid development. At present, lighting companies have launched smart LED lighting products, such as Op Lighting and Huawei to promote intelligent scene lighting solutions, Philips launched Hue smart bulbs, and so on.

Xinsijie Investment Analyst pointed out that the power management module added to the intelligent lighting needs of consumers such as dimming, color matching, remote control, interaction, etc. is expected to grow further with the intelligent trend. At the same time, in the process of intelligentizing lighting products, lighting technology and intelligent hardware, the Internet, and the Internet of Things technology have achieved cross-border integration, which has promoted the emerging needs in the LED lighting industry. The intelligent LED lighting driver chip supporting intelligent LED products will usher in major development opportunities.


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