Chinese LED lighting market reached 420 billion RMB

LED lighting is also known as solid-state lighting, following the incandescent, fluorescent light another revolution. Statistics show that on average six hours a day to calculate lighting, a LED lighting compared with the same illumination of incandescent lamp, a year can save about 76.65 kwh of electricity, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 107.3 kg, 26.83 kg of standard coal savings; and Compared to the same fluorescent illumination, a year can save about 40 kwh of electricity, 42.75 kg of carbon dioxide emissions, saving 13.68 kg of standard coal.

Chinese LED lighting market reached 420 billion RMBChinese LED lighting market reached 420 billion RMB

It is because of energy saving, long life, widely used features, semiconductor lighting as an important area of energy-saving and environmental protection industry, is one of China's strategic emerging industries. In recent years, China's semiconductor lighting key technology and international level continued to narrow the gap, in the pursuit of high efficiency at the same time, LED lighting alternative to the demand to move from the lighting and surpass lighting.

Currently, the technological breakthroughs entire LED lighting industry chain of different sectors and technological innovation is rapidly improving. In terms of materials, and rapid technological advances of new substrate materials; in lighting applications, cost-effective products to improve the reliability and quality of innovation is more concentrated light; lighting in non-visual, biological, agricultural, medical, ultraviolet LED research rapid development; in the industrialization of research, combined with building materials and LED lighting has improved; intelligent lighting is the most attention in the field, the rapid development of technologies and applications.

With breakthrough technology, the emerging energy-saving effect and continue to expand the industrial scale, and applications continue to expand, the semiconductor lighting industry in China's lighting industry has established a dominant position, and entered a critical period of development.

By 2015, China LED lighting industry as a whole will reach more than 4,200RMB, an increase of 21% over 2014's 350.7 billion RMB, to maintain high-speed growth. Among them, the epitaxial silicon size of about 15 billion RMB, the package size of about 60 billion RMB, the scale of the downstream applications rose to 340 billion RMB or so.

Meanwhile, semiconductor lighting industry in energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity has also made remarkable achievements. 2015, LED functional lighting market penetration rate of 30%, saving 100 billion kwh of carbon dioxide emissions over 9000 tons.


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