Chinese to Iran LED lighting exports market data analysis

In recent years, the Middle East heat large infrastructure investment, forming a huge purchasing power, LED substantial increase in market demand. Where Iran is China LED lighting products in the Middle East is an important export market.

Chinese to Iran LED lighting exports market data analysis

According to Chinese customs data, 2015 China LED lighting product exports to Iran of US $ 86.19 million, down 11.4% from the same period in 2014. The export volume and unit price analysis, in 2015 China's exports of Iran LED lighting products as a whole showed the amount or price reduction phenomenon. 2015, China's exports to Iran LED lighting quantity produced 39.31 million, compared with 2014, an increase of 77.7%. The average export price in 2015 was a $ 1.5, compared with 2014 decreased 26.2% year on year.

According to statistics, Chinese exports of Iran LED lighting business in 2015 bulb exports highest companies for Linsen Co., Ltd., is about nine times the company's exports in 2014, accounting for 7.2% of total exports light bar . Light bar exports highest companies for Optical Co., Ltd. Xiamen Peng Rong, flat light exports highest companies Zhongshan City Jiaxin Import and Export Co., spotlights exports highest companies for Iraqi-run Tianjin Port Bonded Area International Trade Co., Ltd.

From the analysis of export brand, in 2015 China's exports of Iran LED lighting small number of brands, including "unlicensed" and "default" Total exports two types of brands amounted to $ 79.7 million, accounting for 92.5% of total exports in 2015. The exclusion of "unlicensed" and "default" the two brands have been listed brands, ENELTEC exports ranked No. 1, followed by OPPLE and SPARK two brands ranked No. 2 and 3.


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