LED penetration rate will reach 100% in 2025

Goldman Sachs recently released a 60 chart, showing the transformation of a low-carbon economy that occurred. One LED technology transfer in the history of mankind fastest growing financial institution said. Wind and solar power generation challenge the traditional sector, which has occupied the LED lighting industry. 2020 LED will account for 69% of sales in 2025 will reach 100%, while the rise of the LED from 2010, very fast speed shock.

 LED penetration rate will reach 100% in 2025

Rise of the LED in the clean energy industry people is not surprising, but it is quietly subvert the traditional vertically integrated lighting company.

Just as wind and solar, LED rise of national regulators play an important role. Many countries phasing out incandescent lamps. But the LED does not completely replace incandescent lamps. LED and incandescent price war earlier this year, GE announced that it will stop production of energy-saving lamps.

Goldman Sachs estimates that in the next decade, the light output per unit of electricity will double, which will LED renewable energy, off-grid applications more attractive.

LED lighting provides new options from around the world, it subverts the traditional lighting companies. A recent study found that solar LED lights can create about two million jobs.

In developed countries, accelerate the LED application is very important because many countries are committed to a low-carbon future, it is intended in the most economical way to reduce energy use.

LED lighting industry will not only bring about change, it will also provide an important pillar for the smart home, smart city.


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