Cree Release Red led grow lighting

CREE announced for the new plant lighting optimized XLamp XQ-E Photo Red LED, LED combination of devices continues to expand in this area.

Cree Release Red led grow lighting

XQ-E Photo Red LED excellent performance, provide optical wavelength promote plant growth. Most similar than the peer products, the output is similar, but size is only one-third less. XQ-E Photo Red led grow lighting extends for optimization of small size LED device family can help manufacturers reduce lighting fixture size, lower system cost.

LED grow lighting, Cree has developed a present, and XP LED devices XQ series. With XQ-E Photo Red LED This new product launch, we will be able to provide higher PPF, efficiency and reliability.

Cree XP LED XQ and two device families, are able to achieve to replace the existing lighting technology for significantly reduced power, and provide similar spectral composition. For example, using a Cree Photo Red LED white light and high ceiling lamp reference design than the double-ended 1000W high pressure sodium HPS, can provide higher average photosynthetic photon flux density PPFD, and the power is reduced by about half.

Career XQ-E Photo Red LED package measuring only 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm, can provide more than 6.4 Qing ol / sec (mol / sec) 660 nm peak wavelength light of photosynthetic photon flux PPF, is conducive to plant growth. Cree white and color LED light provides full spectrum, to simulate natural sunlight. Cree LED color including green, red, Photo Red, Far Red, Royal Blue, etc., for the different stages of plant growth the most appropriate wavelength to provide a higher photosynthetic photon flux PPF. Effective combination of continuity package, package size and driving current, it is possible in lighting level, easy adjustment of light intensity and spectral composition. Career New Photo Red LED, optical symmetry XLamp XQ-E series are based on proven and consistency in all the range of colors that can help lighting manufacturers to improve color uniformity and simplify the production process.


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