Chinese LED grow lighting industrial road

In recent years, dramatic changes in the global climate, resulting in many areas of the lack of sunshine, high rainfall intensity and other extreme phenomena directly affect the productivity and quality of crops, causing economic losses of agricultural growing. Therefore, some areas of poor farming conditions, paying attention to the "lighting plant factory" development.

Chinese LED grow lighting industrial road

From the current global market, LED grow lights sales market mainly in Japan, Korea, Europe and other persons engaged in agriculture fewer countries and regions. In these areas, LED grow lights are widely used, has become the standard plant lighting plant, allowing the plant to become like planting the same year-round schedule.

In contrast the domestic market, the domestic LED grow lighting market model plant enterprise and Academy of Agricultural Sciences as a research and development unit, the terminal market is the Academy or some government agencies, the market is limited. See, for domestic enterprises, especially LED enterprises are concerned, in order to rely on plant LED grow lighting made considerable gains still a long way to go.

On the consumer side, the current output of the plant factory product price is too high, and some even priced in grams, so currently only suitable for growing high value-added crops. On the other hand, LED grow lighting plant involving multiple disciplines, including semiconductors, spectroscopy, biology, etc., have a certain technical threshold, and proficient personnel in the field are hard to find.

All in all, the domestic LED grow lighting plant is in its infancy. China LED grow lighting plant development is full of opportunities and pitfalls, LED companies need to break the shackles of costs radically, to jointly promote the lighting plant in China's commercial.


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