Dawu Village, You County, Zhuzhou, Hunan completed street lighting

"With street lights, whether it's teenagers returning home from study at night, migrant workers returning home late at night, or walking or dancing in the square at night, traveling at night is bright and convenient." Recently, villagers in Dawu Village, Lianxing Street, Youxian County, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province were full of joy when walking on the Gaosha Highway (Dawu Section), and praised the two village committees for their practical work for the people.

Dawu Village, You County, Zhuzhou, Hunan completed street lighting

Since the innovative launch of the party group meeting in the first half of this year, Dawu Village has learned through the villagers’ housing market that the aging and uneven distribution of street lights on the Gaosha Highway (Dawu Section) has brought great inconvenience to villagers’ night travel. More than 10,000 people in Pei area and other towns travel safely. To this end, Dawu Village organized staff to conduct a detailed survey of the lighting conditions of the Gaosha Highway (Dawu Section), combined with road lighting requirements, and finally installed more than 50 street lamps throughout the Gaosha Highway (Dawu Section), making up for the road lighting The short board has promoted the rural lighting project.

The installation of street lights not only facilitates the villagers' night travel, but also provides convenient conditions for the villagers to exercise, entertain and entertain at night. At the same time, it can prevent traffic accidents and play a positive role in maintaining social order. Added new power.

In the next step, Dawu Village will continue to proceed from the reality, carry out the themed activities of "Resolving People's Benefits and Warming People's Hearts" from all aspects and from multiple perspectives, promote the construction of a beautiful village, and further enhance the sense of security and happiness of the masses.


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