Cleaning and lighting facilities in Hengyang, Hunan

In order to further enhance the image of the city and beautify the night view of the city, the Street Lamp Management Office of Hengyang City, Hunan Province has organized a special operation for the cleaning and maintenance of urban lighting facilities in recent days to clean the urban lighting facilities.

Cleaning and lighting facilities in Hengyang, Hunan

On the morning of June 19th, I saw on Xiangjiang East Road that the staff held a rag and stood on the ladder to clean the inside and outside of the lampshade of the garden lights along the river, and dedusted the lampshade and lamp holder to ensure that the lighting facilities were clean and free of dirt and safe. No hidden danger. After meticulous cleaning, the lighting facilities have taken on a new look, which not only improves the brightness of night lighting, but also ensures the safety of citizens traveling at night.

It is understood that due to a lot of dust on the roads and long-term accumulation of dirt and other reasons, the courtyard lamp shades along the banks of the river are covered with dirt, and the illuminance decreases, which is unsightly and affects the image of the city.

The relevant person in charge of the Hengyang Street Lamp Management Office stated that in the future, the inspection of urban lighting facilities will be further strengthened, and problems such as dust accumulation on lampshades, paint peeling, and stains on poles will be solved in a targeted manner, and the cleaning frequency of lighting facilities will be increased. Form a long-term working mechanism to ensure the clean and safe operation of urban lighting facilities, and create a brighter and more comfortable nighttime travel environment for citizens.


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